Pre Sales

Be more than a great demo

Leading companies are redefining the role of presales from the demo team to the company’s most strategic asset. The need for a qualified SaaS presales rep that is an expert in evangelizing, positioning, and selling the technical, architectural and business value of their company is vital! 
Whether your focus is creating a high run rate of quality demo’s, or architecting bespoke POCs, we know you aren’t going to be actively looking for roles. Taking a long-term call from Teem means you can sit back, knowing you’ve got a partner onside to keep you up to date on the next big thing. 


Join world class presales teams

Top SaaS vendors need top performing enterprise presales reps to grow their business.
At Teem, we help you join the disruptors, whilst ensuring it will be a place that you’ll enjoy working.We know what it takes to thrive in the most innovative pre-IPO and scale-up environments. 
We’ll tell you in the first 30 seconds of a call who our client is, and spend c.30 minutes understanding your process, approach, and career aspirations to match you with the right organisation and culture for long-term success.

Tom was instrumental in me changing to my current job role. Throughout the recruitment process he was always in the background keeping things on track and picking up any issues that needed resolving. Whilst I really do not expect to need his services again, if I was in the job market I would definitely be enlisting Tom’s help to find another job role.

Graham Owen Product Manager, Micro Focus

Working with Lauren at Teem was a fantastic experience! She is very personable, professional, and responsive, but I was most impressed that she did all this while being located in the UK and myself in the USA. Significant time differences did not matter. She worked tirelessly with her team to deliver a great experience and helping me get a great position at a great company.

Troy Poppen Senior Solutions Consultant, Unit 4

I can honestly say that Tom is bar far the best recruiter I have worked with! He is always super friendly, supportive, always to the point and always listening to your needs. If you are looking to find your new dream job I will definitely recommend speaking to Tom!” 

Tihomir Todorov Sales Engineer, Snowflake

Tom's been the best recruiter I've worked with hands down, I'd say his greatest skills are succeeding, with all the work included, in a mutual good fit going both ways between the client, the position and the hiring company. This puts him over and above. Further pros would be flexibility in regards to off-hours, pro-active follow-ups and very good communication. I do not have any cons in my experience with Tom.

Claus Albæk Senior Solutions Engineer, Druva

Teem were absolutely wonderful in all of our interactions. They have a solution-oriented mindset that makes it easy and clear to make good decisions. In our short time working together, they consistently provided clear expectations and followed through on not only their prep, but the final product as well.

Jason Midtdahl, MBA Pre-Sales Solutions Consultant, Workvivo

I can 100% recommend working with Nick if you are looking to land a job in tech sales! He took the time to understand my profile and what I was looking for and came back to me with perfect job opportunities. Throughout the hiring process, he was extremely reliable and professional, available to answer any questions and proactively reached out to me to help me succeed. I have already recommended working with Nick to friends and former colleagues and will continue to do so. 

Robert Heyse Presales Solutions Architect, Udacity

Joseph's genuine investment in my success made him an invaluable partner in navigating this volatile tech job market. He stands out from the crowd with a highly personalized approach and unwavering dedication to the process. He took time to understand my skills, interests, goals and identified relevant, compelling opportunities. His persistence helped me to land a truly amazing opportunity and I am incredibly grateful for his support and guidance during this phase of my career!

Ben Ogden Sales Engineer, Pinecone

How We Helped


Founding Account Executive - Join as the founding GTM hire and take advantage of early-stage equity!

  • California
  • permanent
  • $110,000 - $149,999

Join as the founding GTM hire, define strategy, and take advantage of early-stage equity!

Rapidly growing SaaS vendor pioneering a new category of technology with their AI solution

Ramsay El-Defrawy Senior Consultant

Enterprise Account Executive - Market-leading AI platform securing world’s largest enterprise logos through inbound!

  • US (Remote)
  • permanent
  • $110,000 - $149,999

Market-leading platform securing largest enterprise logos through inbound!

Success has been achieved without a dedicated outbound motion, and are currently scaling across multiple GTM functions. 

Ramsay El-Defrawy Senior Consultant

Customer Engineer - Bootstrapped ML vendor converting c.80% of trials into paying customers! 

  • EMEA (Remote)
  • permanent
  • €50,000 - €74,999

Bootstrapped ML vendor converting c.80% of trials into paying customers! 

Opportunity to be the first presales aligned hire and take advantage of early stocks

Tom Frater Head of Solutions Engineering / Presales Hiring

Account Executive - Join this SaaS vendor's top-performing sales team – 100%+ for 3 consecutive quarters!

  • London
  • permanent
  • £75,000 - £89,999

Join this SaaS vendor's top-performing sales team – 100%+ for 3 consecutive quarters!

This vendor empowers businesses to build internal tools and applications faster and easier than ever before.

Hari Hartmann Senior Consultant

Founding Business Development Representative - Fast career progression and directly impact a high-growth startup!

  • New York
  • permanent
  • $75,000 - $89,999

Do you want fast career progression and have a direct impact on a high-growth startup scaling in North America?

7x YoY ARR growth and backed by tier-1 VCs.

Tuz Singh Associate Consultant

Head of Sales - Build and lead a high-performing sales team for a rapidly growing SaaS vendor!

  • London
  • permanent
  • £110,000 - £149,999

Build and lead a high-performing sales team for a rapidly growing SaaS vendor!

They are early-stage, but already have strong customers and strong USP against their competitors in a rapidly emerging category.

Jess Toplis Senior Consultant