Hires that Stick

Our Sweet Spot!

4 out of 5 candidates we place are successful hires long-term, so we offer extended rebate periods to clients when we see you are committed to making good, stable hires.


Jacob is everything you could ask for in a business partner. He has integrity, business acumen and is professional. He’s on time, detailed and mindful with keen follow-up and direction. He sets proper expectations and helps navigate the process on both sides, with a straightforward approach and a welcoming passion for his work. I’d recommend Jacob any time.
Suzanne Woodling Sr. Account Executive, Unit 4
Very few recruiters in my opinion try to understand the personal situation and challenges a candidate has. I really did enjoy the very un-scripted dialogue during the process. I highly recommend Jacob and his company to anyone looking for a career change that really has that little extra personal touch that I know many are searching for!
Steve Lilford Enterprise Sales Executive, Confluent
Chris is one of the best recruiters I have ever had, never had so much support from someone during the interview stages! For me a great leadership team and good teamwork is very important and I have certainly found that at my new job. I would definitely recommend Chris and Teem!
Benedicte Fernandez Global Digital Sales - Benelux, Omada


Our challenge was to get the right skills, experience and cultural fit: vibrant, entrepreneurial, yet relaxed. 

The key to our success? Our immediate network of long-term contacts who were ready for a high-growth pre-IPO environment. Looker wanted to see a range of profiles so almost every software salesperson we introduced was interviewed, and the majority progressed further along the process.

In the end they were spoilt for choice so we earned recognition as their no.1 recruitment partner for EMEA, and we continue to help fuel their growth. 

Looker needed to build their European Enterprise Sales Team – our sweet spot! 

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