Our Mission: to be your MVP

Scaling a team globally is a big ask but the rewards are great. Standout tech and VC funding is not enough… people make the difference.

Are you:

  • Engaging the best people with a compelling message?
  • Securing those people in a competitive market?
  • Building a diverse and multi-national team, united by cultural fit?

At Teem we take accountability for all of the above whilst ensuring the most efficient investment of your time and resources.


  • Brand Perception

    Whether you are relatively unknown in your target market, or hindered by out of date brand perceptions, one of our differentiators is our network of long-term contacts who represent the top 5% of the market and with whom we have built trusted relationships.

  • Cost per Hire

    When you are scaling with volume and velocity, cost can become a major consideration. Where clients have committed to Teem as their retained hiring partner, we have been able to provide between 25%-50% reduction in agency spend.

  • Global GTM Partner

    Teem support your growth across multiple roles and functions, with a unified approach and message to market. We’ve placed 1st or significant early hires across Europe, MEA, APAC, and USA & Canada.

  • Hires that Stick

    4 out of 5 candidates we place are successful hires long-term, so we offer extended rebate periods to clients when we see you are committed to making good, stable hires.


  • Save Time

    Hiring absolute A-players in a candidate-driven market requires 100% headhunt approach, backed up by speed and clarity of hiring process. Our delivery (CV:IV ratio is 3:2) and conversion ratios, demonstrate 60% return on the time invested by hiring managers.

  • Time to Hire

    If you have the intent to hire and can agree on a clear process, Teem will ensure you meet your timescales. NS1 made 6 A* hires in partnership with Teem, and only took an average of 2 weeks to move from CV received to offer signed!


Jim approached me last year with an opportunity. He mentioned a new kind of dataplatform, but I indicated that I was perfectly fine where I was. After some challenging questions about my personal ambitions, preferred work-culture and growth I decided to take a call with Snowflake's EMEA director. The rest is history and I am very glad Jim pushed me after a couple of no's.

Gabri van der Wagt Regional Director, Snowflake

My experience of working with Teem was exceptional. From initial contact until they successfully placed me into my new role, Teem consistently supported me in my application. Teem went above and beyond to ensure I was prepared for interviews, provided an approachable but highly professional service and constantly shared valuable insight. Highly recommended.

Sophian Abbou Enterprise Account Executive, Domo

Teem first reached out when I wasn't looking for a new role but they took a personal, open and honest approach, never made me feel pressured and has now placed me in a fantastic new role at an organisation perfect for me. Teem has supported me throughout the process and I would highly recommend working with them.

Eleanor Thompson Alliances Manager, Fivetran
  • 80%
    of candidates stay for
    more than 12 months.
  • 2/3
    of our candidates we introduce
    are invited to interview
  • 95%
    conversion from verbal
    offer to start



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