Our Mission: to be your MVP

Asking any SaaS founder to scale their Go-to-Market teams globally is a big ask, but it’s much less painful with the right people on your side.

Are you currently:

  • Engaging A* GtM candidates with a compelling message?
  • Able to attract and secure them within competitive talent markets?
  • Ensuring diversity and cultural fit is at the heart of building out your functions?

As the recruitment specialists that VCs turn to when they need to scale their portfolio of companies fast, we are committed to making sure you accomplish your hiring goals.

We always hold ourselves accountable and ensure your investment is as efficient in terms of both your time AND resources.


  • Brand Perception

    Whether you are relatively unknown in your target market, or hindered by out of date brand perceptions, one of our differentiators is our network of long-term contacts who represent the top 5% of the market and with whom we have built trusted relationships.

  • Cost per Hire

    When you are scaling with volume and velocity, cost can become a major consideration. Where clients have committed to Teem as their retained hiring partner, we have been able to provide between 25%-50% reduction in agency spend.

  • Global GTM Partner

    Teem support your growth across multiple roles and functions, with a unified approach and message to market. We’ve placed 1st or significant early hires across Europe, MEA, APAC, and USA & Canada.

  • Hires that Stick

    4 out of 5 candidates we place are successful hires long-term, so we offer extended rebate periods to clients when we see you are committed to making good, stable hires.


  • Save Time

    Hiring absolute A-players in a candidate-driven market requires 100% headhunt approach, backed up by speed and clarity of hiring process. Our delivery (CV:IV ratio is 3:2) and conversion ratios, demonstrate 60% return on the time invested by hiring managers.

  • Time to Hire

    If you have the intent to hire and can agree on a clear process, Teem will ensure you meet your timescales. NS1 made 6 A* hires in partnership with Teem, and only took an average of 2 weeks to move from CV received to offer signed!


Teem has acted as a really good extension of our team here at Workvivo. They've been able to identify and source A players - some really great candidates - and do it quickly. They have obviously built a really strong database of good candidates. A good network that’s worked really well for us! The second thing is being able to articulate the Workvivo story and get people excited about Workvivo so that when they come to us, they are already excited and have a good sense of the journey that we are on and the culture we have. Teem have done a super job for us both in EMEA and in the US, so I'm very very happy!  

Gavin Wrenn Chief Operating Officer, Workvivo

We were given perfect amounts of attention in terms of calls, we were getting multiple CVs per week, and very quick feedback. I would go back to Teem tomorrow for any roles I had open. I'd speak to them first, and my team would be the same.

Sally-Ann O'Callaghan Regional Director EMEA, Maxio

When Teem came to me saying they've got two pheonominal candidates, there is a strong enough working relationship that has been built based upon trust that says to me, I will see those people automatically. Where Teem has exceeded and excelled, is that they've produced, in small batches, very high quality candidates for the right roles. 

Ashley Eakers Senior Director, Sales EMEA & APAC, Stack Overflow

Teem has always provided a wonderful service to consistently pitch the right candidates for the right job. Even when the profile requirements change last minute, Teem has always been able to adapt quickly and deliver effectively so that you can always rely on the candidates being well worth your time. The level of detail they put into the candidates' background write-ups to fit the mould you're looking for is both well documented and accurate that you know they will be worth considering. I highly recommend Teem for sourcing relevant and impressive candidates within the ever increasingly fast-moving markets.

Nick Cramp SDR Manager, SenseOn

I did not have to explain anything to Teem. If anything, they had a lot more context on some things than I did. That was helpful because then I wouldn't waste time explaining - Teem could take what our vision was into actually searching for the right people from the get-go. I didn't have to micromanage - that's what you want. If I'm going to micromanage someone, we might as well do it ourselves. I haven’t found many recruitment agencies that leave me with this great taste… everything worked out smoothly, the relationship is great, the people are really kind. It’s just been such a crystal-clear relationship. Teem is fantastic – no regrets!

Luis Galeas CEO & Founder, Ambar

Having managed teams for 6 years as a leader and a manager; I can comfortably say Teem is the single best recruiter I have worked with. This is by some distance as well. Teem presented me with the best candidates I have ever been presented with as a hiring manager. The bar they set was incredibly high. It wasn't just the accomplishments of these candidates but also how motivated and professional each candidate was. The secondary part of this was how well I was briefed as a hiring manager. Everything felt so effortless. Any questions, any wrinkles on a profile, I got the answers I needed before spending time speaking with said candidates. The final piece is the timeliness of his responses. A proper business moves quickly and Teem would be answering complex questions within 5-10 minutes. This level of professionalism is all you can ask for from someone you are working with to hire for an important role.

Lawrence Chinamulungu Head of Business Development, V7 Labs
  • 80%
    of candidates stay for
    more than 12 months.
  • 2/3
    of our candidates we introduce
    are invited to interview
  • 95%
    conversion from verbal
    offer to start



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