NS1 provides accurate control over application delivery that values interaction with customers. They build the world’s most intelligent DNS and traffic management technologies, enabling their customers to take unparalleled control over their traffic and infrastructure as conditions change in application environments and across the global network.


Avg >2 weeks CV to Offer

13 hires (and counting)

Achieving 50% Diversity


With a then new EMEA leader onboard, and Series C funding hitting the bank in 2019, NS1 needed to scale their EMEA operations quickly in order to capitalise on the momentum. Over an initial 4 month campaign, GM Mark Fieldhouse hired 4 Senior Account Execs, an Alliances Director and Operations Manager in partnership with Teem.  These were all A* hires but only took an average of less than 2 weeks to progress from CV received to offer signed! 

Following the successful campaign in Europe we were tasked with expanding NS1's GtM teams globally with our initial focus being their US teams. We began growing their Enterprise Sales and Operations functions across the East Coast, whilst also continuing a close relationship with Marks EMEA team to build an experienced BDR function.

Across our 18+ months partnered with NS1 we exceeded our commitments to achieve 3:2 CV : 1st interview ratio, and 1 of every 5 candidates interviewed received an offer.

“I needed to build a team of A players quickly to meet our G2M plans in Europe. Teem asked good discovery questions to understand what makes a great hire for NS1 and the compelling reasons to join us.

I was able to trust them to present well qualified candidates that would be a fit for NS1 culturally as well as on paper. After that it came down to constant communication, exchanging feedback (good and bad) and making sure we worked as a team to maintain momentum and bring on board the people I really wanted to join NS1.

The experience for candidates who we didn’t offer was important too, because they could still be potentials for our future growth. It is reassuring to know everyone I interviewed was handled with the same level of professionalism by Teem.”

Mark Fieldhouse, GM @ NS1

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