Anyone can give you a job spec, we get all the info you’ll want to know, straight from the CRO, VP, or hiring manager themselves.


    The best career decision might not be the easiest, our consultative approach is designed to understand where you want to be, and how we can help you get there.


    We only introduce you to our clients when we know there is a great match, otherwise we know we’d just be wasting everyone’s time.


    Our process includes CV tailoring, substantive interview preparation guides, and feedback on interviews within 48 hours.


    No hidden information, no conflicts of interest, you’ll know what we know, as soon as we know it.


    Salary isn’t the most important factor in a new role, but having experienced negotiators on your side makes it easier to get the salary you want.


    GDPR has shown how important it is to be responsible with data. We ask for express consent before sharing your information with anyone.


Jim approached me last year with an opportunity. He mentioned a new kind of dataplatform, but I indicated that I was perfectly fine where I was. After some challenging questions about my personal ambitions, preferred work-culture and growth I decided to take a call with Snowflake's EMEA director. The rest is history and I am very glad Jim pushed me after a couple of no's.

Gabri van der Wagt Regional Director

It has been a pleasure to work with Lauren! She put a very efficient process in place that helped a lot to navigate towards my next adventure. Especially the frequent, open communication and her sense for the right timing are outstanding. I can highly recommend working with Lauren!

Alexander Schweigart Enterprise Account Executive

My experience of working with Teem was exceptional. From initial contact until they successfully placed me into my new role, Teem consistently supported me in my application. Teem went above and beyond to ensure I was prepared for interviews, provided an approachable but highly professional service and constantly shared valuable insight. Highly recommended.

Sophian Abbou Enterprise Account Executive

Jacob is truly everything you could ask for in a business partner. He possesses integrity, business acumen and professionalism. He’s on time, detailed and mindful with keen follow up and direction. He sets proper expectations and helps navigate the process on both sides, with a straight forward approach and a welcome passion for his work. I’d recommend Jacob to any team any time.

Suzanne Woodling Sr. Account Executive

Jim is one of the best recruitment consultants I have ever had to deal with, highly professional, honest and helped me make some difficult decisions when I was struggling to make a final decision. Jim is a superb guy with vast experience in negotiating and getting the best for his clients.

Craig Hepburn Global Director, Digital & Social Media

Teem first reached out when I wasn't looking for a new role but they took a personal, open and honest approach, never made me feel pressured and has now placed me in a fantastic new role at an organisation perfect for me. Teem has supported me throughout the process and I would highly recommend working with them.

Eleanor Thompson Alliances Manager

I can highly recommend Jim and his team for professionalism, great career advice and a well respected reputation within the industry. They presented well qualified opportunities, secured interviews at high growth vendors, and provided insights and constructive feedback throughout the process. I am happy to have built a relationship with a recruiter I can trust.

Daniel Miles Enterprise Account Director

Working with Sam has been a great experience. He is very professional and takes time to really understand his client's needs. I would highly recommend him!

Lester van der Toom Sales Director

Very few recruiters in my opinion try to understand the personal situation and challenges a candidate has. I really did enjoy the very un-scripted dialogue during the process. I highly recommend Jacob and his company to anyone looking for a career change that really has that little extra personal touch that I know many are searching for!

Steve Lilford Enterprise Sales Executive

Chris is one of the best recruiters I have ever had, never had so much support from someone during the interview stages! For me a great leadership team and good teamwork is very important and I have certainly found that at my new job. I would definitely recommend Chris and Teem!

Benedicte Fernandez Global Digital Sales - Benelux

Throughout the recruitment process Chris' support and engagement has been outstanding. Chris gave me very helpful advice on questions to ask, as well as tips for the interviews. I can only recommend him, as well as teem. Very positive experience.

Christoph Borens Business Development Executive


Senior Solutions Consultant – Early US hire for a European founded Series A!

  • US (Remote)
  • permanent
  • $150,000 - $199,999

Early US Presales hire! 

Being an early hire in a series A gives you the autonomy to own and lead the solutions sales activities!

Sammy Stringer Consultant

EMEA Recruitment Manager

  • Leeds
  • permanent
  • £90,000 - £109,999

Recruitment leader that needs a new challenge? Progress fast and earn big.

We are looking to hire someone with initial recruitment experience to join us as a first line leader.

Sam Sherman Global Sales Director

Field Marketing Manager – First EMEA marketing hire!

  • UK (Remote)
  • permanent
  • £75,000 - £89,999

First EMEA marketing hire! Own and execute the regional strategy. 

You could be already in a Regional Marketing role, or a Field Marketer ready for a step up.

Laura Rolf Consultant

Enterprise Account Executive – Early Benelux hire, earn min.€450k in year 1!

  • Netherlands
  • permanent
  • €200,000 to €249,999

Join former Cloudera/Mongo/DataDog reps in a company where recent hires are set to make €700k in their first year. 

Another incredible earning opportunity for top performing reps!

Chris Barnett Senior Consultant

Enterprise Sales Executive, Benelux

  • Netherlands
  • permanent
  • €150,000 - €199,999

Land and expand enterprise customers with a Gartner Leader!

This is an early sales hire for the BNLX region, with realistic opportunity to progress into leadership after 18 months.

Daniel Knott Consultant

Enterprise Account Executive – Series B funding, disruptive Automation solution

  • New York
  • permanent
  • $110,000 - $149,999

Series B funding – one of the first international sales hires!

Early enterprise sales hire, focussing on further opening the North American market, with a specific focus on corporate markets. 

Emma Peters Senior Consultant


How Do You Write a Good Sales CV?

At Teem, we have one of the highest CV to interview ratios in the recruitment sector. Here is what we know the majority of our clients are looking for on your CV.  

Age Is just a Number When It Comes to Sales Competitiveness

Sales competitiveness is a definite; ‘must have’ criteria quoted to me by most sales managers in the tech sales industry and rightly so. Sales and selling in a SaaS context gets complex, and a tenacious and competitive mindset is vital in order to thrive. Yet many sales managers make the assumption that a younger sales exec will deliver more; well hang on to your hats folks as I sense I am going to challenge your thinking in the next few minutes.

The Pursuit of Happiness: What makes Award Winning Software Cultures?

Organizations are increasingly focusing on their employees' happiness because research shows that happy employees have a huge advantage over unhappy ones – they are more productive, flexible, resilient, creative, make happier customers and collaborate better with their colleagues. On average, organizations with happier employees are 9% more profitable than organizations with unhappy employees.

SaaS Sales Counteroffer: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Post-pandemic, SaaS scale-ups are receiving more funding than ever, which is leading to aggressive growth targets… in the same way that customer churn harms the bottom line, employee churn costs companies time and money. 

On a daily basis we work with the best SaaS salespeople across the world, so we decided to spend some time collating the reasons why they would consider leaving their current roles, and here’s what we found… It’s not always about the cash!

3 Tips for Building a Winning PreSales Team in a SaaS Start-up

Is PreSales Different in a Start-up?

Short answer: YES! Your products are still maturing and agility and autonomy over defined processes.

Ready to build? Here are 3 Key Areas to Focus on from the Start!

Diversity in Tech Sales: BOWS Year in Review

In July 2020, in response to the Black Lives Matter movement, we launched our Diversity in Tech Sales initiative in partnership with Blacks on Wall Street (BOWS = a non-profit organization whose mission is to close the professional opportunity gap by providing underrepresented youth the resources to achieve promising careers). Instead of simply making a corporate statement, we wanted to influence long term change within the industry we know and love – Enterprise Software.