How many recruiter messages do you get a week?

10? 20? 30? Who has time to read through all those!?

(If you do have time, you may soon need a great recruiter… think of the impact on your day job!) 



Have they checked you out on LinkedIn? 

I was just promoted! 


Do they even know what you do? 

I am a customer savvy pre-sales consultant – why am I getting messaged about data analyst jobs? 


Most of the time you’ll just want to cut to the chase – who is the company, what is the salary, can you send a job spec? 


I am happy to be proven wrong, but I doubt any of those messages actually lead with: “Hey, want to work for XYZ?” But why is that? You may assume that there’s any number of practical reasons for this… and they are true: I don’t want you to apply directly. I don’t want you to tell other recruiters. I don’t want you to have preconceptions that rule them out straight away. 


But the real answer is that a great recruiter is consultative, considered, and takes a long-term approach. 


I don’t care solely about what you think of this one company/opportunity – I want to know what excites you about your job, where you want to be in 5 years’ time, and how I can help you get there. Sure, getting your feelings on one company will be useful, not just as feedback for my client but as an understanding of your priorities. 


This is where a good recruiter can be differentiated from a truly great one – great recruitment partners want to be adding value for both their client as a company with growth plans, and you as a software sales professional with your own career goals. I can’t do any of that by sending you a company name over a LinkedIn message and getting a “thanks but no thanks” response. 



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