With over 10,000 companies and 60,000 employees assessed in the Recruitment and Executive Search industry, we’re thrilled to have our culture recognised as one of the best in our space. This award is truly a testament to what we are building across our UK and Toronto offices. This couldn’t have been achieved without our amazing #teemmates on either side of the Atlantic!




What Is the People’s Platform and the Award?


The People’s Platform exclusively celebrates companies that put their culture front and centre, and heavily prioritise their people. Their initiative is designed to drive companies to create leading cultures and recognises those that are taking an employee-centric approach. 

“More than just a badge of honour, The People’s Platform Award is designed to create change and accelerate the progress of companies prioritising the building of a company where people feel valued, safe, engaged, rewarded, and excited about their work. This is the type of company you would recommend to your friends and family without hesitation, the type of company you’re proud of… These companies are critical in providing what is truly the lifeblood of any progressive company - its people.”

The process of finding winners relies heavily on employee sentiment, collected through an anonymous inside survey with a specific set of open-ended questions designed to uncover how employees truly feel about their company without the bias company leaders promote and bring meaningful efficiencies to the primary research process.



What About Our Culture Made Us Winners?


Our award-winning culture comes down to a crucial element: our values. Teamwork, trust, and tenacity drive everything we do, from our internal hiring decisions to the way we prioritise candidate and client experience. 


"We want our people to feel challenged and rewarded by their work. Progression and development are something that everyone in our organization values, but are also integral to knowing that they have a purpose in what they are doing. We want everyone at Teem to understand the value of their work, and how meaningful it is to us, our clients, and our candidates. If our team members just see their work as tasks to complete, we are doing something wrong!


That everyone is aligned with our values is crucial for ensuring that we all thrive professionally and culturally within Teem. The grit and drive to go out and get things done, combined with a proactive approach, are key indicators of someone being successful in recruitment, but what makes our people different is the value-lead approach and genuine desire to achieve long-term success for our candidates and clients. Because teamwork is such a vital part of everyone’s day to day, it’s important for team members to work collaboratively and get involved with the team – there’s no room for lone wolves!" - Lauren Elliott, Global Operations Director



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