Over the years we’ve become accustomed to AI and the solutions that it provides, both at home and in the workplace. 

We use AI to unlock and pay via our phones, to spell check our writing, to protect our computers from malicious threats, and for so many other things that we just don't notice anymore. Ironically, we're even using AI as we write this blog!


But what would our working life be like if AI didn't exist? 


Our computers would be more susceptible to cyberattacks. 

  • AI uses a variety of cybersecurity methods to protect our systems and computers.
  • User Behaviour Modelling helps identify hackers who have stolen logins, and who are trying to access sensitive data in a business. 
  • AI-based risk management is used to pinpoint changes in customer behaviour to detect infected logins, alerting cybersecurity teams. 
  • Machine Learning (ML) based email monitoring can help prevent further cyberattacks by decreasing time taken to detect threats and improve the accuracy at which it does so. It uses a variety of AI technology, such as anomaly detection software, to automatically detect certain features that imply threat, such as phrases or words that are frequently used in phishing emails, or image sizes. In that AI-less world, we would be safe from Skynet. 


We would have less time to sell.

Those in sales can spend a lot of time finding prospects and inputting data into whichever CRM their company uses. AI can be trained to do this automatically, and even creates prospect lists based on specific keywords or filters, giving salespeople more time to do what they do best – build relationships, and sell solutions.


Lead Gen wouldn’t be as effective. 

Today, Artificial Intelligence tools and software are incredibly important to help generate leads for businesses. One of the most obvious ways is through online chat bots or virtual assistants where it collects data based on conversations with customers.  

A less obvious (yet arguably more effective) way it’s used is through learning, in which it finds new leads based on data collected from online behaviour or browsing patterns.  


Without AI, businesses would have to invest more in their marketing and sales teams to generate more leads, rather than the AI doing it automatically for them. In turn, this would affect the growth of their pipeline.  


Time Consuming Hiring

We of all people know that finding and hiring top talent is a momentous task. Can AI be used to help actually hire the best people; you ask? Not quite. There are numerous hiring challenges that AI won’t solve when scaling your GtM teams including:


  • Time to Hire: Having the intent to hire is one thing but running a successful recruitment process with fast timelines isn’t an easy ask without specialist support.
  • Brand Perception: How do you attract hidden talent / top 5 % of the market without having an established brand presence? It takes extra hard yards to introduce, impress and establish your vision and values to candidates without an existing connection.
  • Cost of Time: Hiring A-players requires a 100% headhunt approach backed up by speed and clarity of the hiring process. Do you have the available time and resources to conduct such an approach?
  • Global Hiring: Scaling your GtM team across multiple roles, functions and regions require not only market knowledge and network but also an understanding of key cultural differences.


These are all pains where partnering with a specialist hiring team (Teem) with not only the track record in scaling SaaS GtM teams but having an established network and processes to guarantee results. AI comes into place by saving time on the mundane admin side of hiring. The procedure for hiring differs from company to company, but whenever you screen candidates, review CVs and arrange interviews, AI can save you time. It maintains candidate archives - something which can take a lot of time to do manually. It also uses chatbots to speak with candidates and single out those that, on paper, fit the role the best. Additionally, it can arrange interviews and even perform background checks to guarantee that you are looking at top talent.

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