With restrictions changing across the world, in-person interviews are slowly returning, especially as a final step of the process. Nothing gives you a read on a person like meeting them face to face, and so face-to-face interviews are still a firm favourite among both candidates and hiring managers, especially for early hires, or companies where culture is king.



After almost 2 years in and out of lockdowns, you’d be forgiven for needing a reminder on just HOW you impress in these situations. So here are proven ways to prepare and execute the perfect interview to secure your next role at a high growth SaaS pre-IPO:

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Do your research (and bring it along!)

You should learn as much as you can about the company, role, and the people you’ll be meeting, starting with recent funding rounds, acquisitions, news articles or press releases. Also, read up on the industry generally, as well as what their competitors are doing — you can use this information to demonstrate your commercial awareness and position yourself as part of the solution to the company's challenges. 

Taking notes throughout the interview will display good sales habits and show that you are both actively listing, and seriously considering the opportunity.




Dress to impress.

It may sound basic, but as working from home in our PJ bottoms has become the norm, navigating office attire can be a minefield. Remember, it is always better to overdress than underdress. Shirts (ironed and stain-free!) and a smart jumper are about as casual as I would go, but some interviewers are still looking for suited and booted. Think about the people you have already met in the process and how they have portrayed the culture. Your recruitment partner/hiring contact should be able to give you a steer if you aren’t 100% sure. 





Plan your journey.

Ensure you will arrive at the building with time to spare. Don’t be too early (more than 15 minutes is a bit excessive), but rocking up at the last minute won’t give you the time to get into the right mindset to win. If you're taking public transportation, plan any transfers and transfer times that you'll encounter. If driving, try to review the parking situation beforehand and have a backup option just in case. 





Connect with the interviewer.

Potential employers want to see your personality. Engage the interviewer by using their name and building rapport where you have similar interests/views.







Maintain professionalism.

While you want to form connections, try not to be too casual. Avoid using slang or inappropriate language and asking about/ sharing too-personal details. You should also avoid speaking negatively about prior employers. Instead, focus on what you learned or how you grew from those previous challenges. 





Allow silence.

While the quiet can feel awkward, taking a moment before answering questions shows thoughtfulness. This pause also allows you to reflect on what the interviewer is seeking and provide a relevant answer. 



Pay attention to non-verbal signals.

Take advantage of the fact that you are meeting in person and can see each other's body language. Note how your interviewer reacts to your responses, as it can help you gauge their interest. It can also let you know if you need to be more concise. You may notice a sense of confusion, to which you can ask if they need any clarification or elaboration on a topic.

Express enthusiasm.

One goal of in-person interviews is to ensure that you genuinely want the job. You can use verbal and nonverbal communication techniques to prove your interest. Smile, maintain eye contact and display a positive attitude throughout the conversation. Before leaving, reiterate your excitement about the opportunity and ask about the next steps in the process. Interviewers have more appreciation for a candidate who reassures them of their interest. 

Is there anything else that we have missed? Let us know! 


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