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  • 3 Tips for Building a Winning PreSales Team in a SaaS Start-up

    By Tom Frater

    Is PreSales Different in a Start-up?

    Short answer: YES! Your products are still maturing and agility and autonomy over defined processes.

    Ready to build? Here are 3 Key Areas to Focus on from the Start!

  • SaaS Sales Counteroffer: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

    By Jim Kinread

    Post-pandemic, SaaS scale-ups are receiving more funding than ever, which is leading to aggressive growth targets… in the same way that customer churn harms the bottom line, employee churn costs companies time and money. 

    On a daily basis we work with the best SaaS salespeople across the world, so we decided to spend some time collating the reasons why they would consider leaving their current roles, and here’s what we found… It’s not always about the cash!

  • The Pursuit of Happiness: What makes Award Winning Software Cultures?

    By Lauren Elliott

    Organizations are increasingly focusing on their employees' happiness because research shows that happy employees have a huge advantage over unhappy ones – they are more productive, flexible, resilient, creative, make happier customers and collaborate better with their colleagues. On average, organizations with happier employees are 9% more profitable than organizations with unhappy employees.

  • Age Is just a Number When It Comes to Sales Competitiveness

    By Jim Kinread

    Sales competitiveness is a definite; ‘must have’ criteria quoted to me by most sales managers in the tech sales industry and rightly so. Sales and selling in a SaaS context gets complex, and a tenacious and competitive mindset is vital in order to thrive. Yet many sales managers make the assumption that a younger sales exec will deliver more; well hang on to your hats folks as I sense I am going to challenge your thinking in the next few minutes.

  • Predicting Google’s $2.6bn Acquisition of Looker

    By Lauren Elliott

    There is plenty of speculation as to why Google was so keen to pay $1bn above valuation, but after working with the team for over 3 years, here is our take on why they made such an attractive prospect.

  • Teem x APSCo: Industry Leading SaaS Sales Recruitment Specialists

    By Jim Kinread

    We’re excited to announce that Teem have recently joined the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo), one of the UK’s leading professional recruitment industry bodies

  • How Do You Write a Good Sales CV?

    By Jim Kinread

    At Teem, we have one of the highest CV to interview ratios in the recruitment sector. Here is what we know the majority of our clients are looking for on your CV.  

  • APSCo Issues Caution Over Skills Shortages as a Result of a No Deal

    By Lauren Elliott

    The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) has highlighted the potential skills impact of a no deal Brexit and stressed the need for an immigration policy that allows the country to attract much needed international resources as businesses celebrate global talent acquisition day.

  • How Do I Hire in EMEA?

    By Jim Kinread

    Since the result of the Brexit vote, pre-IPO software companies looking to scale in Europe have been cautious about putting all their eggs in the UK basket.